A day of cancer

Sometimes my mind gets stuck on a thought and I can’t let it go – sometimes it follows me all through the day and defines my mood for the day. Today it has been cancer. It don’t how it got there, but I guess a series of input put it in my mind: my dream of my son (love him so much), an early morning e-mail about a sick child (how fragile we all are), a notification on Facebook on alternatives to chemo (will share below), a reminder about Chris McDonald’s dad and Angelina Jolie’s preventative double mastectomy and an article written by Maria Gerhardt, aka Djuna Barnes, who has cancer (will share below).


I can’t believe that 1/3 of us will suffer from this horrible disease at some point of our lives! I am stunned that our knowledge about this has not been further developed and treatments further improved, as it has been around for quite a long time. But I see and hear more and more about alternative treatments and preventative mechanisms and I truly hope that these will evolve quickly.

The post from Facebook can be found here. A few facts from the article:

“Only between 1,5 and 2% of people having received chemotherapy are alive five years after the treatment” (proving that it is no better than alternative treatments)

“Three of out four cancer doctors do not want chemotherapy themselves, should they get cancer”

“We use around 100.000 different chemicals at Danish work places, we know for sure that around 2.000 of them can provoke cancer, the rest we just use”

So what can we do to avoid it? Water, exercise, fresh air, organic foods, makeup without chemicals, don’t dye your hair, good fats and good sugars.

And to end with – read this brilliant article by Maria Gerhardt. Well-written and extremely moving.


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