Selfie + Coconut water

No blog without a selfie (#oristhatinstagram??):


Me right out of yoga-class with my newest obsession: coconut water. I love the taste – it reminds of warm, sandy beaches, and then it is extremely healthy! Benefits include: 1. Prevents dehydration, 2. Fuel for brain and muscles, 3. Heart and kidney healthy, 4. Anti-ageing, 5. Digestive aid, 6. Supports immune function. Read more here. I usually buy them at my yoga place, but have also ordered some online so I can drink at home – and now, I drink almost every day! I prefer Dr. Martins – get yours here.



3 thoughts on “Selfie + Coconut water

  1. vi elsker elsker cocnut water. frida har drikket fra 1 års alderesn. i us 1$ pr lille drikke katon herhjemme 2 for 35-40 kr. irma havde engang store karton men kan ikke finde længere. sig hvis du finder. måske skulle vi lave fælles bestillig på amazon min all time favorit juice.

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