A new way of using media

So, I have completely embraced the fad of watching small screen-series. And it seems that many of you also have! To me, this is, however, not only a fad. It is one of the steps in a big change in the way we consume media content, especially TV. I hardly ever watch any real-time TV, except for the news and a few shows. Instead, I stream almost all content, including shows, movies and series. I have subscriptions to both HBO and Netflix, and is a regular user of Filmstriben as well. I am watching it on both computer and iPad, in bed, at the table, in the couch – even on the floor! In the weekend-edition of Politiken, there was a big article about how we decorate our living rooms – before the TV, we gathered around the radio and even before then, the fire. For long, the TV has been the focal point of our living rooms, with one big couch before it. But with the new way of consuming media, the decor is also changing. Instead of one big screen, we have several, and instead of one big couch, we want multiple places to crash. We are currently decorating our living room, and we very quickly discarded the idea of one big couch, and are instead now planning to have one small couch and one chaiselong. This way, we can both be in the living room without having to do the same. It seems we are not the only ones with that idea: chaiselongs and arm-chairs are everywhere, small couches as well. Just look at the trendsetting Apartment-project:


One place where I would love to indulge in my favorite series, is this:


I truly welcome this new approach, and have been wondering why this is so intriguing to many of us. Naturally, in our busy lives, on-demand consumption fits our lifestyles better, but I also think that we have been longing for a possibility of entering new worlds, following characters and their development, and getting some more in-depth perspectives as opposed to the shallowness in much of the media content presented to us throughout the past decade, or even longer. I thus see this is a positive development, although it requires more of us and our ability to select good over bad content. But in the realm of social media, we do have the best foundation to make this selection: each other.

Welcome new media consumption – may you take over my living room!




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