A few thoughts on food standards

So they are new dietary guidelines for the Danes. Find them here. I am not too thrilled about them – with all the talk about health in the past few years, I guess I expecting them to be more guiding and standard-setting. To me, there is nothing really new about it, compared to the old ones, and they don´t really contribute with anything new in respect to my habits and the way I think about it. I believe that one of the major problems of health is a lack of information, and in that respect, I don´t think they are very helpful. In fact, I think many of them are highly misguiding – for instance, “Eat less sugar”, “Eat less salt”, “Eat less saturated fat” – if you do not know much about health and nutritions, you will most likely not know which foods have more or less salt and sugar (except for the obvious ones, of course). Instead, I find the standards from other countries more useful – especially the one from France about eating fresh, not processed, food. That covers both less sugar and salt, and directs people to foods with more nutritions. In Japan, the focus is also much on the social aspect and enjoyment of eating, which I also really like as this is a major contributor to having good experiences with food and eating more healthy (just because it is more enjoyable and invites to social cooking more than processed food). And where is the concern for the climate and waste of food??? Another thing that I see as a danger with these standards is the increased focus on health and the related diseases (eating disorders, orthorexia) – with these standards, it becomes easier and more “allowed” to excuse your non-eating of healthy fats and sugars. All in all, not a happy fan…..For an alternative solution, read more here.




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